[EN] Intimate with O’Sensei?

by Tristao Da Cunha

Many people wrote books about how intimate their relationship was with the Founder of aikido. In reality, the founder was very traditional and taught according to traditional ways. A close relationship would be impossible.

This photo shows the proper way to listen to your teacher, inside the dojo. It also shows the deep respect students had for the founder.
This picture, because one of the students is holding to some papers, was taken, probably, either before or after training (I would guess before, because no one seems to be tired). Eventhough it was not during keiko (training), it still shows the proper way to listen to your teacher, indoors.

By following Tradition and not being shy or ashamed of it, you’ll be an example to your kohai (lower grades- younger students).

If etiquette is missing in Budo, (martial arts), then there is no real Budo. Etiquette teaches you awareness and attention to details.

Reproduced with the kind acceptance of Tristao Da Cunha Sensei

Publiched 3 août 2021 – Last Updated on 3 août 2021 by Eric Savalli / Aikido Blog .net

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