Alessandro Tittarelli Sensei - photo Thomas Podzelny

Alessandro Tittarelli Sensei

You were my brother and my friend. And what a friend! I bow deeply and my forehead touches the dust of the ground in deep thankfulness for all you have done for me, for Portugal and for some many other thousands, all over the world! Surely you were sent to us by the Creator of all, to teach us and make us happy. I will not say goodbye, for I never, ever, want to forget you. – Tristao Da Cunha

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Lewis de Quiros

[EN] Interview Lewis de Quiros – 2017

Interview of Lewis de Quiros, made in 12/2017 by Bas Kalle. After a brief regarding his background, Lewis Sensei gives his view about the teaching of aikido and the usage of the kiai. Also he confides some physiological insight of the Aikido…

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[EN] Video Reportage in the Iwama Aiki Dojo – 2003

In 2003, there were a series of television reportages performed by Josette Normandeau, a Canadian television producer and martial artist, president of the production company, Ideacom International Inc. She holds black belts in both Shotokan Karate and Aikido. (source: [link]) In 2003 she made a documentary with National Geographic Channel about Aikido, its traditions, etiquette, and spirituality. Her journey could not avoid going in the Aiki Dojo in Iwama, the founder’s personal dojo and residence. In 2003, SAITO H. Sensei were still the guardian of the dojo, as successor of his father, Morihiro SAITO Sensei [FR SAITO Sensei] (1928-2002) Many people around the word went to this historical dojo to train under the direction of SAITO Morihiro Sensei and/or his son and successor SAITO Hitohira Sensei in … Voir plus…

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