The 10 key principles in Aikido

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Many thanks to Blair HALL for his kind work for translating this article in English.

During his workshops and seminars, Daniel TOUTAIN Sensei refers to 6 fundamental points in Aikido (these points are illustrated in his 14 DVD).
Here, we extend that list to 10 key points. Each point should be considered of equal importance.

L’Aikido, is just the application of common sense principles.

Anyone practicing Aikido needs to assimilate these basic principles in order to apply them during the execution of Aikido techniques.

Keep in mind that the principles are interrelated: to correctly apply one, it will be necessary to apply others. By reviewing the principles several times you will appreciate this for yourself.

The ten fundamental points are…

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Hitohiro SAITO Sensei - photo © eric savalli

[EN] SAITO Hitohira Sensei

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iwama-shin-shin-aikishurenHitohira SAITO Sensei (formerly known as Hitohiro SAITO Sensei – read further) was born on the 12th of February 1957 in Iwama, in the Ibaraki prefecture of Japan. He began Aikido training at the age of seven under the supervision of Master Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, and his father Morihiro SAITO Shihan.

SAITO H. Sensei – 06/2008 – International seminar in Portugal

« We preserve and share the great influence of my father Morihiro while remaining faithful to the technical and spiritual heritage left by the Founder Morihei Ueshiba. We continually try to improve ourselves through the intensive and systematic practice of kihon, and we believe each training session is a unique opportunity to feel closer to the Founder. I firstly apply this permanent training to myself. »
– SAITO Hitohiro

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