[EN] Video Reportage in the Iwama Aiki Dojo – 2003

In 2003, there were a series of television reportages performed by Josette Normandeau, a Canadian television producer and martial artist, president of the production company, Ideacom International Inc. She holds black belts in both Shotokan Karate and Aikido. (source: aikidohombu.com [link]) In 2003 she made a documentary with National Geographic Channel about Aikido, its traditions, etiquette, and spirituality. Her journey could not avoid going in the Aiki Dojo in Iwama, the founder’s personal dojo and residence. In 2003, SAITO H. Sensei were still the guardian of the dojo, as successor of his father, Morihiro SAITO Sensei [FR SAITO Sensei] (1928-2002) Many people around the word went to this historical dojo to train under the direction of SAITO Morihiro Sensei and/or his son and successor SAITO Hitohira Sensei in … Voir plus…

Kata - Ken no suburi

Kata des Suburi du Ken – Video –

Daniel Toutain élabora un nouveau Kata au Jo en enchaînant les 20 suburi de base du jo – Voir la vidéo de cet enchaînement sur le post précèdent

Sur la base de ce travail, il est également possible de mettre en séquence les 7 suburi de base du ken.

Pourquoi ce nouvel enchaînement ?

Les intérêts de cette séquence sont les mêmes que ceux du kata des suburi du Jo: execution des suburi de façon fluide, travail des connexions entre les suburi et nouvelle approche du travail des bases des armes de l’Aikido.
Là encore, il convient de maitriser individuellement les ken-no-suburi au préalable.

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[EN] Kata of Jo no Suburi – Video –

[FR] Version française est disponible ici.

Developing a new Jo Kata

Kata of Jo no Suburi – In 2015, Daniel TOUTAIN Sensei has developed a sequence of Jo movements based on the 20 suburi of Jo. The sequence was studied in particular during the summer camp in Auray (Bretagne), in August 2015. Later the same year, during a seminar in Giavenoo – Italy-, Daniel Sensei thought a sligtly  different version, where the suburi from 6 to 10 are run with a different axis each.

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